Dating and Buying....

Wednesday Apr 17th, 2019


Combing through profiles, meeting in person, falling in love, and ultimately signing a contract. This is a sequence of events that everyone looks for in life. The happiness that you feel when you're in love makes your whole world brighter, the second glass of wine that you'd usually reach for at the end of the day is no longer a necessity. Actually scratch that, a second glass of wine is always necessary, but now it has taken on a new meaning. You savor the wine, tasting all the subtleties of the notes, "it's been aged in an oak barrel," you say to yourself because now that you're in love, you have magically become a wine connoisseur as well. That's how great this feeling is, you've acquired new skills you never even knew you had. This is the feeling of finding your dream home. Now some of you may have begun to read this article thinking that it would be about dating or finding your soul mate and although it's not, there is a lot to be said about the similarities between dating and finding a house.


The search for a new house can be overwhelming, there are so many complexities surrounding what will most likely be your most important purchase and someone like me can help guide you through the process. You shouldn't be lost or unsure, you should be armed with the necessary knowledge you need to make a smart and successful purchase. Think of me and my team as your personal match makers, we will find you the best and weed out those creepy and most certainly unwanted options. Similar to dating profiles, what you see is not always what you get so a home that is a great price and looks beautifully maintained can turn out to be a nightmare. Just like the gorgeous man you saw on the dating site that loves dogs and working out but who actually turned out to be, how can I put this nicely, a little different in person. You see that he has acquired a love of beer, not the gym and he's definitely a decade older than his stated age. Although judging from his profile picture you can at least say he's skilled at Photoshop. But this is not what you want. You want results. Your time is precious so why waste it trying to find a home on your own?


As a realtor I have had years of experience, I can tell what property will be right for an individual, it's like my sixth sense. I have drawn up and negotiated hundreds of contracts and believe me when I say, I have seen just about everything. You also have to keep in mind that not every realtor is the same. I love my job, when my clients find their dream home and I have ensured that they had a great experience, I feel fulfilled. I have always wanted to change the face of real estate, I want it to be better. My goal is to provide you with exceptional service and to arm you with all the knowledge required to make the transition to your new house as seamless as possible. Let me put it to you in terms of wine, why choose a $7 Chateau des Charmes Cabernet Merlot, when you could have a $6,400 Chateau Margaux 1983? You would choose my team and I, the Chateau Margaux, because this is the smart decision. And lucky for you, as a buyer you can have the quality a high price tag ensures without even having to pay us. Buyers do not pay commission on the purchase of a home, (well 99.9 % of the time, there are rare exceptions) that is the responsibility of the seller. So please, do yourself a favor and choose quality over a discount because quality is worth it.


There will be times when even with a professional such as myself, we may enter a home that was deceptively intriguing. But guess what? It's just like dating. You may be presented with an option that looks or seems right but it could simply be right for someone else. And sometimes I may suggest a listing that that makes you question my sanity, but remember, I know what I'm doing and I will not lead you astray. You may enter one of these homes and granted, it may not look perfect but there's something about it. It has potential, it makes you feel excited, you start thinking about how you could arrange your furniture in the rooms and best of all it evokes a feeling of home. This is when you have found The One.


Searching through hundreds of profiles, whether they are on a dating site or on the MLS can be daunting and deciding on which person or home you want to spend your life with is a huge commitment. There may be a few hiccups along the way, but with guidance you can navigate the world of home ownership easily and effectively. My goal is to have you fall in love and click away with confidence when I send you your DocuSign contract. See how easy I can make it? Forget about standing in front of everyone you know worrying about if you look slim or whether or not you'll fumble your vows and make a fool of yourself. There's no anxiety with me, have a seat at your computer and off you go, click, click, clicking your way to your beautiful future home. I'll take care of the rest.

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